Where it all began

George Lăzuran, born in Oradea, Romania, April 23, 2000, passionate about music from the age of 12, focusing on DJ.

Studying  at MA Studio with Raoul Russu in Bucharest – 2012 and training with DJ Smitzer Lajos in Budapest – 2015 & 2016.

Among the locations where he performed : Avenue The Club (Oradea, Romania), Arruba (Mamaia, Romania), Blanc (Oradea, Romania), Grandezza (Oradea, Romania), Edison Club (Oradea, Romania), Exclusive Party by Ambassador (Oradea, Romania), Sunsets by the Forest (Oradea, Romania),Time Social Lounge(Oradea, Romania), The Pipe(Oradea, Romania) Private parties & Pool parties.

Discover my music, my inspirations

The predominant style is a combination of tech house and house with vocal influences.

For songs he uses songs from DJs like Marco Carola, Hot since 82, Ilario Alicante, Loco Dice and Mahony.

Mixing style is one a kind, inspired by the DJs mentioned above.

Zuran aims in the future to be recognized in the musical industry and to travel all around the world.

« Times change and we adapt our sound to the people, but I always believe that music is the answer »
– George Lăzuran

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